First of all, click on Import Publications on your dashboard’s publication history page.  There are a number of ways to populate your publication history on Publons so that no matter how you store them currently they should be easy to import.  

Import from Web of Science  

If you select this option we will use your name, publishing aliases, and email addresses to query Web of Science and allow you to claim the publications returned.  

  1. Select “Show filters”.  You will now see a list of unselected publications as well as filters for Year, Institution, and Publishing Name.  
  2. Select the configuration of filters which gives you the most accurate list and then select those publications which you have authored.  
  3. Click “Import selected publications” and we will begin importing those papers.  
  4. While the selected papers are imported, we will show you other papers we think have a high likelihood of being yours.  You can add these to your publication history by clicking “Add” alongside any appropriate rows.  

Import from ORCID 

To perform this action, you must authorize us to pull records from your ORCID record.  You can read how to do this here. 

Once you’ve added your ORCID to Publons it’s as easy as clicking the button!  We will pull in all journal articles you’ve added to your ORCID record and then retrieve any further metadata we can find for them.


Search and import by DOI or title


If you select this option, you can manually add publications one-by-one by entering an identifier (DOI, arXiv, or PubMed ID) or their title.  We will retrieve any details we can find related to that information, present it to you for confirmation/alteration, and you can then click “Save publication” to add the paper to your publication history.  

Import by file upload (RIS, CSV, or BibTex) 

If you have already collected your publications elsewhere and are able to export them in one of RIS, CSV, or BibTex formats then you can upload that file directly to your publication history using this option.  

Select the file from your file system and click “Upload.”  We will import as many of the publications to your publication history as we can and then retrieve any further metadata we can find. If any errors are encountered during this process, we will send an email to your primary email address with details.