Your profile settings page grants you the ability to customise several aspects of your public representation on Publons.  Any changes you make on this page will not be reflected on your profile until you click the “Save changes” button at the foot of the page. 

Profile photo: change the photo shown on your profile and in various other places on the site.  This is the canonical image we use to represent your profile on publication, journal, and institution detail pages and lists. 

Full name: change the full name shown on your profile.  This name is also displayed in association with your profile on publication detail pages, as well as the researcher browse table.  Your full name on Publons is also used to search Web of Science when importing publications. 

Alternative publishing names: add any names other than you “Full name” which you have published under in the past.  We use these names when searching Web of Science and when matching you to author metadata associated with your publications. 

Research fields: Your research fields are used as a means of displaying your academic interests. You can enter research fields through your profile settings and these are then displayed on your profile. You are able to add research fields regardless of whether they are already in our system or not and to give you more control over how you represent yourself and your research on Publons. We allow you to select as many areas of research as you would like. 

Research Fields can be used to filter the researcher browse table. You can add any number of fields and we will show you any researcher on Publons who is associated with one of those fields. 

Profile display: control some aspects of what can be seen on your profile.  

You can choose to allow others to see your alternative publishing names or not.  

  • Allow others to see your alternative publishing names: you can also choose to display these names on your public profile or not. 
  • Default Publication Ordering: Using the "Default publication ordering" setting in your profile display settings you can decide whether your publications are displayed with the most highly cited or with the most recently published first. This setting impacts not just the publication lists on your profile's summary and publication pages but also the order of publications shown on your embedded ResearcherID badge.