There are two ways to reset your Publons password. 

While logged in: 

  • Navigate to your account settings and fill in the Set Password form. The form requires you to enter your current password, your new password, and confirmation of your new password. 
  • If you do not have a password set on your account (ie. if you have only ever logged in using a connected account) you may set a password using the Set Password form. The form will not require you to enter your current password if you do not have one. 

While logged out: 

  • At the login form, follow the “Forgot password?” link and enter a verified email address associated with your account. 
  • Submit the form and we will send an email to that address with a link to reset your password. 
  • When you follow the link, you will be able to choose a new password and will then be prompted to sign in with it. 
  • When resetting your password, please ensure your new password meets the password requirements: 
    • Passwords must contain at least 8 characters 
    • Passwords cannot be longer than 95 characters 
    • Must contain at least 1 letter 
    • Must contain at least 1 number Cannot have leading or trailing spaces
    • Must contain at least one special character from the following: !@#$%^*(){}~`[]|\&_ 


If you don’t receive the password link, please create a support ticket for assistance here: