You can manage your email addresses in your account settings. First navigate to the emails tab of your account settings.  


Adding an email address
Removing an email address 
Verifying an email address  
Your Primary Address 

To add an email address:

  • Click the link “Add email address” at the bottom of your list of email addresses. You will then be prompted to enter the address you wish to add. 
  • Once you have added a new address, we will send a verification link to it. Follow that link to verify your email address. Unverified email addresses cannot be used to log-in or add reviews to your profile via 

To remove an email address: 

  • Click on the Trash icon alongside the email address you wish to remove. No confirmation is required so be careful! 

To verify an email address:  


Email verification is needed to ensure that we safely assign your review to the correct profile. 

  • To verify: 
    • Navigate to the emails tab of your account settings. 
    • Any email address which remains unverified will have a link alongside it reading “Resend Verification.” Click that link to receive a verification link to your inbox. 
    • Click the link in the email we send you to verify your address, you will be asked to log-in after which your address will be verified. 


Some institutional mail servers employ greylisting which leads to longer delivery times on our emails. If you are not seeing the verification emails arrive in your inbox or spam folder, please be patient or talk to your institution’s IT department. 

If you don’t receive the verification email, please create a support ticket for assistance 

Your Primary Address 

Your “Primary” email address is the email address to which we will send any correspondence. 

By default, your Primary email address is the address you signed up to Publons with but you may change it at any time. 

You can change your primary email address in the emails tab of your account settings. Simply click the “Make Primary” link alongside any verified email address other than your Primary address to set that address as your Primary address.