Your account settings  for Publons are shared with other Clarivate Analytics products (e.g. EndNote online or Web of Science). These settings allow you to manage the various ways you can login to Publons and other Clarivate Analytics services. They also provide the means to request accounts be merged or deleted. You can access your account settings from your Publons private dashboard


When you navigate to your account settings you may see this error message: 



If you see this message, your account details cannot be edited because you have two sets of email + password linked together.  When two accounts are linked together in this fashion one of them is set to “read only”.  This means that when you log in with that account you can still use your Publons account as normal but you can’t edit your account settings.   

To edit your account settings, you will need to log in to Publons using your other account details.  If you are not sure what these are or if you want to edit the settings of your account which is "read only", please create a support ticket for assistance here: