The “Journals” page of your private dashboard displays two different classes of information which are not strictly related but which are kept together there for convenience.


Journal Endorsements 

You can view all the journals you've endorsed on the Journal Endorsements tab of this page.

Any Publons user can endorse a journal. A journal endorsement may indicate that the user has had a good experience either publishing in or reviewing for the journal, or simply that they believe they publish cogent, high-impact research. 

Any number of journals are present on Publons with peer review practices ranging from the incredibly thorough to almost non-existent. To help your peers identify those journals with high-quality publication and reviewing processes, we ask the community to contribute endorsements to those journals they would recommend working with.  You can read more about identifying predatory journals here. 

When you find a journal you want to endorse, simply hit the "Endorse this Journal" button on the journal's detail page in order to add an endorsement. 

You can find the journal detail page by: 

  • clicking the 'Browse' button on the top right-hand side of your screen - in the navigation bar 
  • clicking 'Journals' in the drop-down menu 
  • typing the journal name in the search bar (underneath the 'Hide Filters' button) 
  • clicking on the journal name.  


Reviewer Interest 

If you are interested in reviewing for a particular journal, Publons can help you make that connection.  Each journal you have not already expressed an interest in reviewing for will show an “Interested in reviewing for this journal?” section on their detail page.  Clicking the button there will log the fact that you wish to review for that journal in the Publons database. Please note that clicking this button grants us consent to share your primary email address with the journal in question. 

Partnered journals can see reviewers who want to review for them from the Publons partner dashboard. As more journals partner with Publons, more journals will be able to see that you are interested in working with them to improve scholarly communication. 

You can retract your interest in reviewing for a journal at any time from the “Reviewer Interest” page of your private dashboard.