A Publons Score gives a quick insight into how the experts (the Publons community of expert reviewers) rate a manuscript. It is not intended to replace peer review but is an evaluation of the final submission or published paper. Each Publons account may score a paper only once. 

Scoring is always completely anonymous and scores are not displayed until the manuscript has been published. 

Scores help with comparing and filtering published articles giving a more meaningful indicator of an article's quality than indirect metrics, such as a Journal's Impact Factor.

How do I score a publication?  

Publication scores are generated by selecting a number from 1-10 in two fields, these fields are "Quality" and "Significance" where "Quality" is intended to be a measure of the paper's methodology and rigor, while "Significance" is intended to denote novelty as well as relevance to its field and journal.


You can create a score from any publication detail page on Publons or from the scores page on your private dashboard. Your score history will show you all the papers you have scored on Publons. 


What am I scoring when I score a publication? 

Publons publication scores are often submitted by reviewers and as such it is not always clear what version of the manuscript should be scored. Where a paper is published the score should be reflective of that published version, where not it should reflect the publication’s state when you last reviewed it.

How are multiple scores aggregated for a single publication?  

Multiple parties (reviewer, editor, reader) may submit publication scores for the same manuscript. These are displayed in aggregate as a single number wherever publication scores are displayed.  Aggregate scores are calculated as the length of the (quality, significance) vector normalized to max length of 10.