The “Actions” column of your editor history contains a link to a page where you can perform certain actions relating to each editor record you have added to Publons.  The available actions are: 


  • Give reviewers credit: use the form on this tab to add reviewers of the manuscript and invite them to get recognition for their work on Publons.  The form requires you input the reviewer’s name and email address as well as the date of review submission.  Multiple entries may be added for each round of review by a single reviewer. 

  • Verify your work: you’ll find instructions on this tab for how to verify your editor records. 
    • You may forward the decision letter for this manuscript to 
    • If your work was performed for a partnered journal it can be verified through our partner dashboard. Contact the journal office about verifying your records. 

  • Score reviews to give reviewers feedback: This tab allows you to evaluate the work of the reviewers for this paper.  Scores are not revealed to the reviewer but written feedback you provide will be passed on.  If the score is above 13 (of a possible 16) then the reviewer will receive an “Excellent reviewer” badge on their profile. 

  • Score manuscript: add a score of the manuscript