Your editor history is the page within your private dashboard which gives you an overview of and access to options for your editor records.  It contains a link to add a new editor record as well as a comprehensive list of the editor records you have already added. 

The table of your editor records is divided into eight columns: 

  • Date: is the decision date we have on file for this manuscript. 
  • Manuscript: is the title of the manuscript you handled the review process for. 
  • Journal: is the name of the journal you handled this manuscript for. 
  • Actions: links you to several actions you may undertake related to each editor record you’ve added. 
  • Score: displays an aggregate of scores of the publication given by Publons users.  Clicking on this column will allow you to score the publication yourself or if you have already done so, to view or edit your score. 
  • Citations: where available this column will show citations associated with the paper you reviewed. 
  • Altmetricthe Altmetric score and donut for each paper you reviewed with an Altmetric score. 
  • Delete: clicking the trash icon twice will remove this record.