The “Progress” column of your review history links to a “Progress” page for each review. It’s from this page that you can perform several key actions relating to each of your reviews.

  • Verify: if the review is eligible to be verified (ie. is an unverified pre-publication review) you should go to this tab to see your options to verify it.  Reviews for partnered journals will have the option to prompt a journal admin to verify them through the Publons partner dashboard.  All eligible reviews will show instructions for verification through, regardless of the journal they were performed for. 
  • Publish: if the review is not currently published (publicly viewable on Publons) then this tab will give you instructions on how to make it so.  Note that many reviews cannot be published because it is prohibited by the journal the review was performed by. 
  • Score: to add more context to the publication on Publons without publishing your review you may score the eventual manuscript.  You can also access and edit scores you have already submitted from this tab. 
  • Feedback: this tab allows you to invite your editor to provide feedback on your review.  Simply enter the editor’s name and email address in the form and we will send an email on your behalf linking the editor to a page where they can score your review.  Reviews with scores above a certain threshold are considered “Excellent” and will be noted as such on your public profile. 
  • Collaborators: if you wrote the review with another person such as a PhD student, you may give them recognition by sharing the URL that you see on this tab.  When they follow it they will be given the option to register or log in to Publons and then add the review to their profile.