Your peer review history is the page in your private dashboard that gives you an overview of all of the peer reviews you have added to your profile. At the top of the page is a link to the “Add review” form and a “Show/Hide filters button.”   

Filters are applied to the list of your reviews below it as you change them and are all “three state checkboxes” which means that they can be set to neutral (in which state the checkbox has no effect), positive (ticked), or negative (crossed). 

  • Reviews
    • Verified: toggle this to show only verified reviews or only unverified reviews. 
    • Anonymous: toggle this to show only reviews you haven’t signed or only those you have. 
    • Content: toggle this to show only reviews you have added content for or only those for which you haven’t. 
    • Displayed: toggle this to show only reviews which are displayed on the associated publication’s detail page, or only those which are not. 
    • Post-publication: toggle this to show only reviews which are post-publication (ticked) or only those which are pre-publication (crossed). 

  • Manuscripts 
    • Scored: toggle this to show only reviews of manuscripts you have scored or only reviews of manuscripts you have not yet scored. 
    • Published: toggle this to show only reviews of published manuscripts or only reviews of unpublished manuscripts. 


The table containing your reviews is broken into eight columns:

  • Date: the date you performed the review. 
  • Manuscript: the title of the manuscript you reviewed.  This may be a link to the publication details page if the paper is published. 
  • Journal: the journal you performed the review for.  This may not be populated for post-publication reviews. 
  • Progress: a link to various actions you may undertake for each review. Edit: a link to edit the review’s content and permissions. 
  • View: if the review is publicly visible this will link to the review’s detail page. 
  • Citations: where available this column will show citations associated with the paper you reviewed. 
  • Altmetricthe Altmetric score and donut for each paper you reviewed with an Altmetric score.