Your peer review history on your Publons profile is comprised of five sections which are displayed only if you have content for those sections associated with your account. All of these sections can be updated from your private dashboard. 

  • Editorial board memberships are broken into two categories, “Current” and “Past” memberships. These can be added from your Affiliation Settings. Editorial board memberships can currently only be verified via Publons’ partner dashboard. If you would like a board membership verified, please encourage the journal to get in touch with us.
  • Verified Editor records (manuscripts handled as editor)” indicates the number of papers you have handled as editor and have added the details of to your profile. Only verified editor records are included in these counts. Learn more here. 

  • “Verified Reviews” shows the journals for which you have added verified pre-publication reviews and the number of verified pre-publication reviews you have added for those journals. Learn more about adding and verifying reviews here.

  • Verified Grant Reviews shows the funding bodies you have reviewed grant proposals for. Learn more here.

  • “Open pre-publication reviews” is a list of any signed and published pre-publication reviews you have added to your profile. Reviews will show in this list whether they are verified or not. Learn more about review display preferences here.

  • “Open post-publication reviews” is a list of any published post-publication reviews you have added to Publons. You can learn more about post-publication reviews here.