There are three ways to add handling editor records to your Publons profile:


1. Forward your Editorial Receipts to We verify the receipts and add the records to your profile!

  • Editorial receipts are any emails sent during the editorial process which adequately identify you as the handling editor of the paper (e.g "Decision has been made" emails). 

  • These receipts must contain the journal and title of the paper.

  • Note that this does not include invitations or acceptance of invitations to edit a paper.


2. Send screenshots of the peer-review submission system to

  • The screenshots should show a list of your editorial contributions and must contain the journal and title of the manuscript and your name or login.


3. Fill in the manuscript's details from the editor history page of your private dashboard.


Only people recognised by the journal as responsible for managing the peer editorial and peer review processes for manuscripts should add editorial records to Publons. For more information please read: Who can add editor records?


Please note: administrators of partnered journals can see the editor records you add for their journal and can disavow them if they feel they are fraudulent.