We've developed a comprehensive range of options to make sure you can track and verify all of your review efforts without ever infringing on journal policies, or compromising reviewer preferences for anonymity or openness.

We call these attributes your Pre-publication Review Display Preferences and split them into two categories:

1. Privacy

Your privacy setting determines how you are linked to the reviewed publication, its journal, and the publisher.

  • Do not show this review on my profile
    You will never be publicly linked to the journal, publisher, or publication.

  • Show publisher only
    Only display the publisher's name on your profile. You will never be publicly linked to the journal or publication.

  • Show journal/conference
    Only display the journal's name on your profile. You will never be publicly linked to the publication.

  • Show journal/conference & article title
    Display a link to the publication on your profile. The publication will show you as a reviewer if you made the content of your review publicly available.

Any option above which precludes your being publicly linked to the journal may still allow your review content to be publicly displayed without identifying you if you elect to publish its content and the journal/publisher/author preference allows it.

2. Content

Your content setting determines what review content is publicly displayed on Publons.

  • Hide review content
    The content of your review will never be publicly displayed.

  • Display review content
    The content of your review will be publicly displayed and discoverable if you also signed the review.

When you sign up to Publons, your default review display preferences are configured as:

  • Privacy:
    Show journal/conference
  • Content:
    Hide review content

You can change these default preferences from the Permissions settings page in your private dashboard.

No matter what privacy settings are in place, we never display information about the manuscript until the manuscript has been published. Typically this means we require a DOI or a URL for the manuscript before reviews can be signed or content made publicly available.