Combining the power of the Web of Science Core Collection citation index with the exclusive Publons Peer Review database, Reviewer Connect searches through 10 million researchers to recommend suitable reviewers for your grant applications. Reviewer Connect uses the title and summary of grant applications to find researchers with expertise in the relevant subject area. Once a large pool of potential reviewers is identified, reviewers are ranked taking into account a number of factors such as:

  • The ‘similarity’ of the recommended reviewer’s published articles to the grant application content

  • The total number of articles published by the recommended reviewer and their citation count

  • The recommended reviewer h-index

  • Whether we found a recent email address for the recommended reviewer

  • Whether the recommended reviewer is a Publons user

    • Note that this does not mean a Publons user will be ranked above a non-Publons user, even if their publication history is not as relevant - we maintain a careful balance.

  • Coming soon: whether the recommended reviewer has already reviewed for the funder