In order to provide effective search results, Web of Science Reviewer Locator requires the following inputs. These fields are requested each time a search is performed.

Please note: all data sourced through the input fields below is deleted from Publons database every six months.




Application title

Web of Science Reviewer Locator uses test similarity to match the grant application with reviewers in its database,on the basis of previous publication history. This enables Web of Science Reviewer Locator to identify the most relevant recommended reviewers.

Application summary

Application title alone is not sufficient for the most effective search. The Web of Science Reviewer Locator algorithm also compares  the grant application summary to data in the Web of Science as an effective means of ensuring greater relevance in the reviewers it subsequently recommends.

Applicant name


Identifying the applicant name allows Web of Science Reviewer Locator to match this researcher to reviewers within the Web of Science Reviewer Locator database, identifying any co-authorships and co-affiliations (in development) which may suggest a conflict of interest. This conflict of interest will then be flagged to provide additional screening data.

Excluded reviewers


This input allows the Funder to save time, by excluding reviewers from Web of Science Reviewer Locator’s search results. This can be done at an administrative level across all search results (for example to remove reviewers with a negative prior experience at the Funder) or for specific searches (for example where a conflict of interest is already known about).