Web of Science Reviewer Locator solves three problems:

  1. Finding peer review candidates

  2. Screening candidates’ fitness-for-purpose

  3. Reliably connecting with preferred candidates.

Here’s how each of these steps work:

Find - Powerful and accurate search

Our powerful proprietary algorithm trawls the carefully curated Web of Science publication and citation index, and Publons exclusive cross-publisher peer review (and, coming soon, cross-funder grant peer review) database to return a ranked list of up to 30 potential reviewers, matched to your search inputs, from over 10 million authors. 

Screen - 360° view of review candidates

Web of Science Reviewer Locator for Funders exposes more of the information needed to screen peer review candidates. Simply click on a suggested reviewer to reveal a rich 360° profile, including: publication, peer review, and editorial history, flags for potential conflicts of interest, biographic information, keywords, institutional affiliations, and links to external sources. 

Connect - Reliably contact prospective reviewers 

Web of Science Reviewer Locator provides a researcher’s latest contact email address from Web of Science, as well as one-click access to trusted sources for contact information, including:

  • Institutional profiles

  • Most recently published papers