1. Add publications and citation metrics to your profile:

    • Claim and import your publications from Web of Science

      1. Instantly import your publications from the Web of Science. Go to the “Publications” tab on your Private Dashboard and select “Import from Web of Science”. Validate which publications are yours and we’ll add them to your profile, along with your Web of Science Core Collection citation counts and h-index.

      2. Add publications to your Publons profile as you browse the Web of Science. Select “Claim on Publons — track citations” from the dropdown menu in Web of Science. Note: you will need to disable any pop-up blockers. We recommend adding publons.com to your list of allowed sites and saving these settings.

    • More ways to add publications
      Can’t find all your publications in the Web of Science? No problem, you can also populate your publication record by:

      1. Import from ORCiD

      2. Uploading a file from your reference manager (RIS, BibTex, or CSV file)

      3. Search and import by DOI or title search across the web

        We will retrieve your Web of Science Core Collection citation counts for all publications, regardless of how you add them to your profile.

  1. Assist in proper author attribution and identification across the Web of Science
    Claiming publications via Publons serves as a feedback mechanism for updating Distinct Author Sets in the Web of Science, as well as adding Web of Science ResearcherID identifiers (and links to Publons profiles) on records across Web of Science collections.

  2. Redesigned Public profile
    The new profile interface helps you clearly demonstrate your expertise as an author, peer reviewer and editor in one place.

    Manage the information on your public profile to make it easy for administrators, funders, journal editors and fellow researchers to see your bio, top publications, citation metrics, peer review history, and journal editing work.

  3. Track, verify, and showcase your peer review and journal editing work
    Build a complete and independently verified record of all your peer review and journal editing work alongside your publication record. Adding reviews to your profile is simple thanks to our integrations with thousands of scholarly journals. Learn more.

  1. Trusted indicators and insights so you can understand and demonstrate your impact
    Publons provides a suite of indicators and insights to help you understand and demonstrate more of your research impact, including:

    • Web of Science Core Collection h-index

    • Web of Science Core Collection citation counts

    • Highly Cited and Top Reviewer awards

    • Excellent reviews (peer reviews rated “excellent” by journal editors)

    • And more...  

Publons uses the Web of Science Core Collection — 21,000 journals hand-selected and reevaluated by expert editors — to calculate citation counts and h-indices. This ensures every citation we count is from an authoritative and robust corpus of publication metadata, with balanced coverage across disciplines and geographies, and vetted by expert editors as meeting the quality standards required to be indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection.

  1. Link to ORCiD
    Link your Publons profile to your ORCiD ID. Send your publications and verified peer review history to your ORCiD ID and import your publications from ORCiD to Publons. Linking your accounts takes a few clicks, after which you can export or import information between the two in a single click.

  1. Download your Publons CV
    Save time preparing for evaluations with the downloadable Publons CV: a summary of your scholarly impact as an author, editor and peer reviewer, which can be included in funding, promotion, job, or green card applications.

  2. Get notified about activity relating to your work
    Choose to receive notifications about your work, including when:

    • your papers receive post-publication peer reviews; 

    • peer reviews are scored by editors or fellow experts; and 

    • papers you reviewed are published and where to read them

  3. Follow publications

    Follow others’ publications to receive notifications when activity occurs on Publons, including new peer reviews, scores, or comments.