If you are having difficulty with logging in to Publons you may have to allow cookies in your browser.

To do this:

  • Enable Cookies in Safari on iPhone

    • Open the Settings App

    • Scroll and tap on the Safari Icon

    • Scroll down and tap on 'block cookies'

    • Select the "always allow" option

  • To Allow Cookies In Chrome
    • Click on the padlock to the left of the location bar

    • Select "Cookies"

    • Go to "Blocked" tab

    • Enable any of these which are blocked: clarivate.com, access.clarivate.com, cloudflare.com, publons.com

  • In Allow Cookies in Firefox
    • Click on the padlock to the left of the location bar
    • Select "Disable blocking for this site"

  • To Allow cookies in IE

    • Click Image result for three horizontal dots, then Settings

    • Select Advanced Settings

    • Scroll to the bottom and under Cookies select Don’t block cookies

  • Allow cookies in Safari

    • Click Safari, then Preferences

    • Click Privacy

    • Under Cookies and website data, deselect Block all cookies

    • Under Website tracking, deselect Prevent cross-site tracking

Please note that IE and Safari don't allow you to select which sites you want to enable cross-site cookies for. We suggest that you use something which gives you greater control such as Firefox or Chrome.

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