Researchers on Publons who would like to volunteer to mentor and help students in the Publons Academy learn how to peer review, can express their interest on a 'become a mentor' page. They set how many students they can mentor simultaneously, and once registered they can change their availability status and update their settings (research fields and the number of students they can mentor at the same time). 

The database of Publons community mentors is constantly growing as new Publons community members sign up to help, and is currently 4000+ strong. Do note that there are more mentors in some fields, such as Medicine, Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Sciences compared to the Arts and Humanities. Anyone with a Publons profile can express interest to become a mentor but only mentors with a minimum of 15 verified pre-publication reviews on their profile or at least one verified editorial record will be able to be invited by a student looking for a mentor. 

How do I get a Publons community mentor assigned?

  1. If you do not have a mentor assigned by the time you have completed all but the final module, you can access a list of available mentors in your field from the 'Volunteer mentors' page inside the course

  2. Only mentors with at least one of the same research fields as you will appear in the list (you can change and add research fields at any time)

  3. You can click to view each mentor's profile and see who is the most closely aligned to your field

  4. You then choose one mentor to invite from the list

  5. An email is sent to the mentor with links to your profile and to either accept or decline the invitation (so make sure your profile is not completely blank)

  6. The invitation expires after 7 days after which you can invite someone else from the list, likewise if the invited mentor declines

  7. If the mentor accepts they are assigned as your mentor for the final module of the course and will provide feedback on your 2 reviews and approve them in order for you to graduate

When will a Publons community mentor be available to receive invitations to mentor?

  • Mentors who have said they can only mentor one student at a time cannot receive new invitations if they are currently mentoring someone or have a pending invitation that has not expired yet

  • Mentors who have said they can mentor more than one student at a time can only receive and accept invitations until they have reached the number they said they can mentor

  • If they decline an invitation to mentor they'll be unavailable to receive new invitations in the following 30 days

  • If an invitation has expired or they decline it they cannot be invited by you again

  • If a mentor has set their status on the 'become a mentor' page to 'unavailable' they cannot receive any invitations until they update their status

We do not share personal emails but your emails in order to facilitate communication outside of Publons in case you have questions about the feedback received on a review or if you'd like to let your mentor know of any busy periods coming up. Emails sent to an email address will redirect to the email you have set as your contact email on Publons. 

Keep in mind, the more detailed and complete your profile is the easier it is to match a mentor to you, and it will increase your chances of a mentor accepting your invitation.