In order to graduate from the Publons Academy you need to:

  • Complete all 10 modules of the Publons Academy,
  • Write 2 reviews during the course of 2 different published papers/preprints from your field of research
  • Get your reviews approved by a qualified mentor*
  • Pass internal screening by a Publons employee

Academy review guidelines in order to pass screening:

1. Comply with Publons' General Terms and Review Guidelinesincluding don't plagiarise content or impersonate others

2. Don't review papers you have authored because you would not be able to be unbiased in your review

3. Don't copy-paste in reviews you've done for a journal because Academy reviews become public post-publication reviews meaning you would breach the journal's review privacy guidelines

4. Pass minimum quality standards of what constitutes a review following the Peer Review Template

*a qualified mentor is someone who is a more senior researcher and reviewer than yourself (e.g your PhD supervisor or a volunteer Publons community mentor), you cannot mentor yourself