You’ll find the pre-publication review forms here. You can use these forms to add unverified pre-publication reviews which will appear on your profile with the privacy settings you specify.


To add a review through the forms you need to first specify whether the review is a pre-publication review or a post-publication review.  Read more about the difference between these here.


If adding a pre-publication review you will need to add the journal* or conference which the review was performed for as well as the date the review was submitted.


Once that’s done you can add publication details in the “Article” section of the page.  Enter either a title or an identifier (DOI, Pubmed ID, or arXiv) and we’ll retrieve any further details we can and give you a chance to update them to your satisfaction.


Select your display preferences for the review.  These preferences are considered (in conjunction with author and journal/publisher preferences) any time we would display anything about the review anywhere on the site.  We will never display more information than your preferences allow.  The available options differ depending on whether the review is pre or post-publication:

  • Pre-publication review display preferences have two facets: Privacy and Content. 

    • Privacy denotes the level to which you wish to be associated with your review, you can opt to publicly state the manuscript you reviewed (signed review), only the journal you reviewed for, only the publisher you reviewed for, or nothing at all.

    • Content determines whether we can publish the content of your review.  You may select Published or Unpublished.  Note that reviews which are not signed can not be published.

  • Post-publication review display preferences are much simpler.  You may simply decide whether you wish to show the review on your profile or not.

 * Note that you are unable to create journal entries on Publons. If you would like to add a review for a journal not in our database through the forms on the site, please contact us with the journal title, URL and ISSN and any other relevant information and we'll add it for you.

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