If you've reviewed for journals that are not yet partnered with Publons, you can still add verified records of those reviews to your profile. 

Follow our step-by-step guide:

  1.  Go to your inbox and try one of these common search terms:

    • “Thank you for reviewing (journal name)”

    • “Your review for (journal name)”

    • “Review received (journal name)”

  2. Once you’ve found one ‘review receipt’, open the email and see if there’s any text that’s likely to be used in all emails from that journal. For example “Thank you for preparing a review report for…”

  3. Copy and paste the text into your search box to look for more review receipts. 

  4. Forward each message you find to reviews@publons.com and you’re done! We’ll verify your reviews with the journal and add them to your profile. 


The journal name, review completion date and a way to identify you as a reviewer must be present in the forwarded email to be considered a valid review receipt.

You can send reviews to reviews@publons.com in any order and it doesn’t have to be done all at once.  The process might take you about 10 minutes for 20 reviews, or 30 minutes for 100 reviews. Please note that we also accept non-English language review receipts.


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