The “Activity” column in your publication history contains a link to a page where you can perform certain actions relating to each publication in your publication history.  The available actions are:

  • Edit publication details: edit the title or add an identifier for the publication.  Adding an identifier often makes it easier for us to retrieve a citation count for a particular paper.

  • Author status: check whether we have successfully matched you to one of the authors in the article metadata we have retrieved.  If not, try adding a publication alias matching the data associated with the publication.  This matching is used to link to your profile from the publication’s detail page on Publons.

  • Review permissions: indicate whether you wish reviewers of the paper to be able to publish their reviews on Publons.  We check the preferences of a papers’ authors, publishing journal, and reviewers before displaying reviews on the site.

  • Reviews: shows you any signed and published reviews of the paper on Publons.  These reviews may be pre or post-publication reviews.  Follow the links to endorse your reviewers or respond with comments.

  • Score reviews to give reviewers feedback: will only be available if the paper was published by one of the journals which allow reviews to be signed and published on Publons and if there are signed and published verified pre-publication reviews of it.  This option gives you the ability to score the review on three qualities: 

    • Clarity

    • Helpfulness

    • Thoroughness

Reviews which achieve a score over a certain threshold will be marked as “excellent” and this distinction will be shown on the reviewer’s profile.

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