The summary page of your profile gives an overview of who you are and of the research outputs you have added to Publons. Aside from the profile card described above it consists of your biographical details and overviews of your publications and peer review activity.

The biographical details on your profile are intended to give a visitor an idea of your research interests and career stage.

  • “Research fields” can be used to indicate your research interests and can be updated from your profile settings.

  • “Bio” can be used to give a brief narrative overview of your research interests and career. It can be updated from your profile settings.

  • “Institutions shows any affiliations with research institutions you have added from your affiliation settings.

  • “Affiliations” can also be updated from your affiliation settings and can be used for any external links unrelated to research institutions.

  • “Awards” lists any the Publons Peer Review awards you have received.

If any of your publications are indexed in Web of Science, we will show the most cited of those articles on your summary page. Otherwise we will show your most recent publications. In either case the publications section of your summary page will link to your full publication list.

If you have any verified editorial board memberships on your Publons account these will be shown in the peer review section of your summary page. This section will also display a per-journal summary of any verified peer reviews you have added to your account.

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