Publons Reviewer Connect is designed to make your life easier. We aim to give you better control over the quality and quantity of peer review invitations you receive, help you track your contributions from invitation to completion, and ensure you get  public recognition for your efforts in improving  scholarly communication.

Publons Reviewer Connect benefits researchers like you, as well as the journal editors and publishers using our reviewer search tool. It does this by helping scholarly journal editors quickly find, screen, and connect with motivated reviewers who have the right expertise to improve manuscript submissions. This speeds up the pace of publication, bringing breakthrough research to the world faster.

Publons Reviewer Connect simply delivers publicly-available information that is obtained and carefully curated from the Web of Science publication and citation index, and Publons' exclusive cross-publisher peer review database. This includes areas of expertise, recent publications, and a list of journals reviewers have contributed to.

If you have any questions about how your data is managed or used please create a support ticket for assistance here: