We released an update to the Publons Academy in June 2018 to make the course even better with tons of new content and features. The update was based on your feedback from a range of surveys and interviews we conducted with students, graduates, and mentors of the Publons Academy. 

You can read more about the updates in our blog here. 

Graduating with two reviews instead of three

The biggest change we implemented is that students no longer need to write three reviews to graduate. Instead, you build up your first of two reviews throughout modules five to 10. You then write your second review from scratch by incorporating everything you have learned, and by including feedback from your mentor from the first review.

How does the update affect students who have already started the course?

Students who had already started the course but not yet graduated may be required to watch some of the new modules depending on how far along in the course they are.

Students who had written their third review but not yet had it approved could choose which of their last two reviews to keep in the course to graduate with. Don't worry, the third review won't go to waste as you can still post it as a regular post-publication review on Publons.

Students who did not start the course before June 20, 2018, will not be affected by the changes. 

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