Rewarding high-quality reviews is important. At the same time, we are trying to build a positive site where all contributions are welcome.  So, rather than flagging bad reviews, our Author Feedback feature is designed to only reward high-quality reviews.

 Author Feedback is only ever shared with reviewers who contribute an outstanding review. It’s designed to recognize those reviewers who go above and beyond to improve they manuscript they reviewed.

‘Excellent Reviews’ that receive a seven or more points (out of a possible nine) from the reviewer will receive an ‘Excellent’ icon on their Publons profile and review record.

Public reviews can also be ‘Endorsed’ by experts in the Publons community. An endorsement shows that the endorser considers the review to be worthy of their advocacy. You can read more about endorsements here.

NOTE: Scored reviews that do not meet the requirements for excellence will not be indicated on reviewers profile or displayed in any other public part of the site.

Exact numerical scores are completely confidential. Written feedback is privileged between the editor and reviewer.