The Author Feedback feature is a way for Authors to recognize peer reviewers who go above and beyond to improve the quality of manuscripts. It’s designed to help incentivize more great reviews by letting researchers know when they’ve made an outstanding contribution.

Manuscript authors use Publons Author Feedback feature to rate peer reviews of their manuscripts for their clarity, helpfulness, and thoroughness.

Clarity: The review was easy to read and interpret.

Helpfulness: Comments were constructive, relevant, and realistic.

Thoroughness: The review gave adequate consideration to all aspects of the paper including methodology, figures, interpretation and presentation of results, ethics, relevance, etc.

A review is deemed 'Excellent' if it receives a score of seven or more out of a possible nine.

Poor = 0 point, Below Average = 1 point, Average = 2 points, Exceptional = 3 points

Reviewers with ‘Excellent’ scores will receive a badge next to their review record on their Publons profile. The ‘Excellent’ review will also be shown on their downloadable verified review record to include as proof of their high-quality work.

Please note:

Exact scores are completely confidential, and scored reviews that do not meet the requirements for excellence will not be indicated on reviewers’ profile or displayed in any other public part of the site. 

The feature is currently limited to authors of open access manuscripts and only published reviews can be scored.