Some journals use an interactive review process that consist of three main steps:

1. Independent review

At the start of the process all reviewers submit independent review reports. This is the classical peer review.

2. Interactive review

Editors then activate interactive review mode where editors and authors communicate with each other.

3. Final report

Once the interactive review is finalised, it forms a “final report”.

A receipt from the interactive step of the interactive process will be unable to be processed through reviews@publons as the interactive section of the review can last over a period of time and it is difficult to ascertain the date the original review was completed or the final review was submitted. 

But don't worry, you can still add and verify your review through reviews@publons by forwarding us one of the following:

1. The receipt from the independent review step.

2. The receipt from the final reports step.

3. A screenshot of the peer-review submission system containing your review. 

Please ensure the emails include the date(s) of independent review or final report, the journal title and someway to identify you as the reviewer. 

If you do not have any of these emails you are still able to add the review through the review form on your dashboard. Please see our FAQ page on adding reviews for more information on this.