Your Web of Science ResearcherID is a unique identifier for researchers on Publons, Web of Science, and InCites.  Your personal ResearcherID is shown at the top-right of most pages on Publons, including your profile and your private dashboard. 

All the publications you add to your Publons profile will be linked to your Web of Science ResearcherID, meaning someone can use that ResearcherID to find your works in Web of Science and InCites.

How do I get a Web of Science ResearcherID?

Register on Publons and import your publications from the Web of Science to become eligible for a Web of Science ResearcherID.

Each night, Publons assigns a Web of Science ResearcherID to any profiles with one or more Web of Science-indexed publications that do not yet have a ResearcherID.

If you do not have any Web of Science indexed publications but require a Web of Science ResearcherID please follow this link to generate one for your account.

When will my publications be associated with my ResearcherID on Web of Science and InCites?

Publons notifies Web of Science of the publications you've added/removed from your profile each night, and updates are processed in Web of Science within 3 days. InCites data is only updated every few months, so expect a short delay before your publications are linked to your ResearcherID in InCites searches.