There are 10 modules where students watch a video related to the exercise of that module, as well as a short expert tip video that relate to peer review. Some modules are more general about peer review such as what journal editors look for in a reviewer, reviewer biases and misconduct, and what the difference between a pre-publication and post-publication review is. 

Half of the modules focus on one section of a paper e.g the methods section and what to look out for. We give them questions to ask themselves when reading that section of a paper to guide their review comments. They then practice what they have learned by writing a review snippet on that section of a published paper in their field that they have chosen by themselves or with your help. These review snippets are then merged and they are asked to update them into a full review following the structure suggested in our review report. 

They are also provided examples of open pre- and post-publication reviews on Publons to get an idea of the different ways to structure a review. They start on their Review 1 in Module 5 and keep adding to it one snippet at a time over the following five modules. In module 10 they update their combined snippets into a full review and submit it to their mentor for feedback. Once it's been approved they write a second, full review from scratch using all that they have learned and by incorporating your feedback from the first review.