Your Publons account is split into two sections: your public profile and your private dashboard.  Your public profile is visible to any visitor to the site, your private dashboard is visible only to you and allows you to update the information present on your public profile. 

You can navigate to your private dashboard by clicking on the "Home" link in the top menu on Publons, or on your profile picture in the top right.

Your private dashboard is broken into 5 sections, each of which contains some number of subsections.

Those sections are:

  • Me
    • Dashboard summary: metrics and stats of your profile
    • Public profile: link to your public profile
    • Export Publons CV: export a record of your publications, verified peer reviews and editor history on Publons as well as any awards you've received.  Your Publons CV can be used in funding, promotion, job, or green card applications.
  • My Records
    • Publications: add publications you've authored to your account and view those you have already added.
    • Peer reviews: add new reviews and see the details of reviews you have already added to your Publons account.  Here you can edit, publish, or add collaborators to your reviews.
    • Editor Records: add new editor records and see the details of editor records you have already added to your Publons account.  You can also update your editor records from this page.
    • Awards: see if you received any Publons awards.
  • Activity
    • Notifications: notifications of activity relating to your account and content.  This is where we'll tell you about new reviews or scores of your papers, new comments on your reviews, and much more.
    • Pending records: information about review or editorial receipts you've sent to or
  • Community
  • Settings
    • Account:  manage your emails, third-party authentication settings and set your password.
    • Profile: manage your profile details such as bio, publishing name, profile picture, and research fields.
    • Affiliations: manage the institutions, external profiles and editorial board affiliations which are linked with your Publons account.
    • Email: manage and verify the email addresses linked with your Publons account.  We recommend you add and verify any address you have used to peer review in the past.
    • Permissions:

If you have any further questions about your dashboard, feel free to get in touch with us.