Publons provides you with exclusive and personalised statistics and insights about your reviewing activity including how you compare with others at your institution, all Publons users, or any research field.

To view your personal reviewing statistics, go to your public profile and click on the 'Statistics' tab.

Here you can view a range of metrics and graphs that highlight interesting characteristics about your review activity, and compare these against the averages of your institution, all Publons users, or any research field.

Profile statistics include:

  • Total reviews (the total number of reviews you have added to your Publons profile)
  • Total merit (the total merit you have on Publons from all merit earning activities)
  • Reviews last 12 months (the number of reviews you've added to Publons and have performed in the last 12 months)
  • Openness (the percentage of reviews which are signed and/or publicly displayed on Publons)
  • Acceptance rate (the number of manuscripts you've reviewed which have been published in the journal you reviewed them for)
  • Review to publication ratio (the ratio of reviews you've added on Publons to publications you've authored and added on Publons)

Graphs on your statistics page include:

  • Impact Factors of journals reviewed for (this graph show the current impact factors of journals you have reviewed for)
  • Total reviews over time (a cumulative record of the total number of your reviews)
  • Reviews per month (the number of reviews you have performed each month)
  • Average review length (the average number of words per review for which you have added content)
  • Weekly review punch card (the distribution of days that your reviews were performed)

You can compare yourself with researchers in any field by selecting that field in the drop-down at the top of the page, you can select "All Fields" to compare yourself to all Publons users.

Your statistics reflect the data we have on record for you. This means that if you only joined Publons recently and have not yet added reviews you performed prior to joining, they will not show on your statistics. You can fix this by adding your past reviews and updating your profile, you can learn how to do this here: How do I add reviews to Publons? (Adding reviews)

Your average word count is calculated from the reviews you have uploaded the content of. We only calculate average review length if the content of your review passes a certain word count. This is so short reviews, such as second-round reviews, won’t skew the results.

You are able to add text content of your reviews by clicking "Edit" alongside the relevant review on the Review History page of your Private Dashboard. Enter your content and then ensure to hit 'save'.

Want to see your Year In Review? If you joined before 2017 you can navigate to your personalized page via your Private Dashboard.