The Publons Academy is an online training course designed to equip the next generation of peer reviewers with skills and best practice guidance on performing high standard journal reviews. 

In order to graduate from the course, students are required to invite a mentor to endorse their skills as a reviewer. The student can invite a mentor at any time during the course but do not require their assistance until Module 10, which involves providing feedback on and approving a total of two reviews written by the student of already published papers/preprints. Mentors receive emails with a link to read the full review the student has written. The link takes you to a page where you can read the review and write your feedback and either approve the review or suggest changes (see screenshots below) and ask the student to revise their review. Students need to choose papers to start reviewing in Module 5 and in Module 10. Once their first review has been approved they can submit their second review, after incorporating feedback and their new learnings into their second review.

Additional support

Mentors can also help students by suggesting good practice papers (published papers, can also be preprints) for them to review during the course. Mentors can also help with answering any general peer review questions.

For more information head over to our Academy mentor information page, from here you can both invite your students to enroll and express interest in becoming a mentor in Publons Academy.