Many supervisors and academic mentors already conduct collaborative peer reviews with their graduate students and postdocs as this is a great way to train the next generation of peer reviewers. We understand that senior researchers are busy so in order to encourage them to help you with this course we suggest that you let them know that:

1. You want to do this course for personal/professional development 

2. The course could help fulfil required course credits in your PhD program or career development framework 

3. Mentors can also add their Publons Academy activities to their departmental progress/review reports under teaching and supervision  

4. They do not need to sign up for a Publons account in order to mentor you and receive their Publons Academy mentor certificate

5. If your mentor is already on Publons they will get acknowledged as a mentor in the Academy on their profile.

This page will also help you offer additional information on the course and their role, and you can also use this email template as a guideline for what to include when you approach someone to mentor you. 

Once they have agreed to mentor you in Publons Academy, you put in their name and email on the 'Mentor status' page. We then send an email where they can click to accept or decline your invitation. 

It's worth pointing out that your mentor can also help you choose the published papers that you review as part of the Academy. If your mentor suggests papers they are already familiar with, it should be more effortless to provide feedback on and approve your reviews. 

We recommend you ask a senior colleague who has peer reviewed before to act as your mentor, someone whose endorsement of your reviewing skills you think an editor would find suitable, and who is in the same research field as yourself to provide field-specific expertise. If you need help finding a mentor, please create a support ticket and we will be in touch soon.