We estimate that most students can complete Publons Academy in 10-15 hours.

Here's a brief rundown of what to expect:

Modules 1-4 each contain a short 7-10 min module video and a multiple-choice exercise. These modules can therefore be completed by most students within ~15min each. 

In Module 5 you need to choose a published paper from your field to start reviewing over the next six modules. Modules 5-9 each contain a short review snippet writing exercise based on your chosen paper, as well as a short 7-10 min module video. These modules should each take between ~30-90 minutes to complete depending on your prior review experience. 

Module 10 includes revising the review you've built up over Modules 5-9 into a full review and completing a second Academy review from scratch. The time to complete Module 10 will therefore depend on the papers you choose to review and the extensiveness of feedback from your supervisor.