Any researcher on Publons can endorse a review. An endorsement shows that the endorser considers the review to be worthy of their advocacy.

Rewarding high-quality reviews is important. At the same time, we are trying to build a positive site where all contributions are welcome. So, rather than flagging bad reviews, our endorsement system rewards high-quality reviews.

Review endorsements are only available for publicly visible reviews. If you come across a review that you feel is of a high quality then you are welcome to endorse it. We ask in particular that editors and authors consider endorsing reviews of their papers if it is deserved. To do this, click on the "Details" button in line with the review you would like to endorse.

From here, simply hit the '+' button under "Endorsed by" on the 'Review detail' page.

You can view the reviews and journals you have endorsed on the endorsements page of your private dashboard.  You may also view any journals you registered your interest in reviewing for here.