If you'd like to follow any activity surrounding your papers you can add those papers via the publications page of your private dashboard. Once added you can get an easy overview of any reviews, scores or comments for your papers on Publons as well as their altmetrics.  You can also follow papers you did not author from your followed publications page.

Simply enter the publication title or another identifier into the text fields provided then hit 'Add'.  You can also import all of your Publications from your ORCiD account by selecting 'Import from ORCiD' from this same page. Note that we can only import information that is publicly available.

When you add a publication you are an author of, we try to match you to one of the authors we have listed for that paper as returned by CrossRef.  At times that data is incomplete and we will be unable to match you to an author.  When this happens you will see a red icon as below.  Get in touch with us to sort out the underlying data.

Adding your publications also allows you to set display preferences for reviews of any of those papers.  Click on the progress column alongside each paper to navigate to the review display preferences for that paper.  You may choose to either allow or disallow the display of reviews of that paper.  You can also set these preferences for all your papers at once from your publication settings.  Your preferences may be overridden if another stakeholder (journal or reviewer) has a more restrictive policy.