What is Publons?

Publons aims to speed up research by harnessing the power of peer review. 

We provide a platform that allows researchers to track, verify and be recognised for their peer review and editorial work. A researcher's peer review and editorial contributions can be displayed on their public Publons profile to show the world the impact they have on their research field and enhance their career. 

How do Journals and Publishers fit in?

The Publons platform features over 6.9-million reviews for more than 5,000 partnered journals. 

There are a number of ways reviews and journal information are added to our site: 

  • either through researcher-added reviewer/journal information; 
  • or through a journal/publisher's formal partnership with Publons. 

When Publons partners with a Publisher we integrate seamlessly with their peer-review submission system to streamline the process of recognising their reviewers, providing three key benefits:

  • Recognition for reviewers - by partnering with Publons a Publisher demonstrates their commitment to recognising review and motivating their reviewers. 
  • Increased engagement - your relationship with your reviewers is strengthened through seamless recognition for review as well as pre- and post-publication contact with reviewers keeping them up to date with the publication process. 
  • Insights and analytics - partnered Publishers receive full access to a powerful Publons dashboard which they can use to better understand their reviewers, discover new reviewers and more...

Interested in partnering with us or want to learn more? Get in touch with us via this page using any of the "Contact Us", "Get in touch" or "Request a Quote" buttons.