A review receipt is some sort of confirmation from a journal that you have completed a review. It can be one of the following:

  • email you get from a journal after completing your peer review, either thanking you for your review or notifying you of the editor's decision. Email receipts must contain the email headers with the date it was sent to the reviewer. Unfortunately, an invitation to review or acceptance of a review assignment does not always lead to reviews being performed, thus we can not accept these as review receipts.
  • screenshot(s) (preferably PDF) of the reviews in your journal’s peer-review submission system. Please ensure journal name, dates of reviews and your name or login are present in the screenshot.

Each review receipt must contain:

  • The name of the journal you reviewed for.
  • The date you completed the review (at least the month and year of review completion, if not the full date).
Please note: Non-English review receipts are accepted.

Note: A reviewer certificate, acknowledging a reviewer for their overall contribution to the journal does not show which reviews have been performed or on which dates they were completed, thus we cannot process a review certificate as a review receipt to verify and add an individual review.

To see exactly how to use your review receipts to add reviews to your profile through using reviews@publons.com, please watch the video below:

You might not even need to use reviews@publons to verify some of your reviews. Journals which have partnered with Publons offer their reviewers a chance to have their reviews added to a Publons profile automatically.  When you review for a partnered journal they will ask you whether you would like the chance to get recognition for your review and if you respond in the affirmative then they will provide you with a link to claim the review once it has been accepted.  These reviews will be instantly added and verified to your profile with your review display preferences.

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