Verifying reviews means confirming that you actually performed the review. Only verified reviews count towards your metrics and are highlighted on your profile.  Verification is critical to turning your review efforts into evidence of your previously hidden contributions to science and research.

There are two ways to verify reviews on Publons:

Via journal integration

Reviews which are added through an integration, whether at the time of submission or historically in batches, are automatically verified.  You don’t have to do anything further to verify them (though you can make the process of adding them more straightforward, more on that here).

Partnered journals can also verify reviews manually via the Publons partner dashboard.  If you have a review for a partnered journal that you would like verified you can trigger a notification for journal admins from the “Progress” page for that review.


Reviews can be simultaneously added and verified by sending “review receipts” to  You can read more about that here.

Reviews you have added manually can also be verified through that channel and will be processed much faster than if we have to add the review as well.  Simply include the review’s URL (found in the verification tab of the review’s “Progress” page) in the email body and we’ll push your email to the top of the queue!

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