Verifying reviews means confirming that you actually performed the review. A green tick appears next to all verified reviews on your profile:

Verification is critical to turning your review efforts into evidence of your previously hidden contributions to science and research.

We have a few methods for verifying reviews:

1. Automatic verification 
When you review for one of our partnered journals, you may opt to add the review to your Publons record from within the review software (e.g. ScholarOne manuscripts or Editorial manager). If you do so we will send you an email with a link to claim your review which will then be verified and added to your profile. You may also select "Automatically add reviews from partnered journals" in your review settings to remove the email step (note: you will still need to opt-in from the review software).

2. Email Auditing
We audit the 'Thank you for reviewing' emails forwarded to against key indicators to determine their legitimacy. If we cannot confirm an email's legitimacy we will contact you (or in some cases your editor) and ask for additional evidence. We also randomly audit "Thank you for reviewing" emails by contacting the editor or journal administrator, and use this to build a network of trust.

To see exactly how to add reviews through please watch the video below:

3. Request a Partner Journal to Verify your Review

If you have added a review for a partnered journal which predates our partnership you may request they verify the review through their publisher dashboard.  Click on the 'progress' column on your review found in your Review Records to get to the Review Progess page. Here scroll to 'verify' and select 'click to request review verification'. The journal will receive a notification asking them to verify your review.