On Publons you can add your reviews which are performed for journals or conferences to your public profile (with the privacy settings you choose). We can then verify your reviews, which can be used in promotion and funding applications.

There are four simple ways to populate your review record on Publons, most of which rely on you adding and verifying any email addresses you use to submit reviews to journals - so go and do that now and then come back! 

1. Add reviews performed for partnered journals

Reviews performed for partnered journals can be instantly added to your profile as you do them. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Check the box on the review submission form asking if you want to add a record of the review to Publons*
  2. Follow the link in the confirmation email we send you
  3. Done - the review record will be added to your profile subject to the journal's privacy policy.

We send you a confirmation email on purpose to make sure we never collect review records from people who accidentally checked the box in the review submission form.

We make this two-step process even easier. Simply turn on the 'Automatically add reviews from partnered journals" setting on the permissions page of your private dashboard. With this setting enabled, you just need to check the box in the review submission form and you're done!

Note that we can only match you to reviews submitted with emails that are verified against your Publons account.

* This option appears in the peer-review submission system the journal uses, such as ScholarOne or Editorial Manager.

2. Send review receipts to reviews@publons.com

If you've reviewed for journals that are not yet partnered with Publons, you can still add verified records of those reviews to your profile.

  1. Search your inbox for any “Thank you for reviewing” emails that journal editors have sent you.
  2. Forward those emails to reviews@publons.com
  3. Done!

Publons verifies these emails with the journal and adds the record to your profile (subject to the journal's privacy policy).

You can speed things up by adding the review using the form on your Private Dashboard first, and including the URL of the review in your email to reviews@publons.com

NoteA reviewer certificate, acknowledging a reviewer for their overall contribution to the journal does not show which reviews have been performed or on which dates they were completed, thus we cannot process a review certificate as a review receipt to verify and add an individual review. For the same reasons we cannot process general thank you for reviewing emails. General thank you emails are emails which are not specific to any manuscripts and are thanking the reviewer for the process and not the completion of a review. 

Please learn more about what counts as a review receipt here.

To see exactly how to add reviews through reviews@publons.com, please watch the video below:

Note that we can add reviews sent to reviews@publons.com to your account if the email address they're sent from is verified against your Publons account.

3. Enable auto-updates

Digging up old emails can take some time. So where we can, we’ll do the work for you! We work with our partners to look back at their review records for up to five years and update our users’ review history. Simply turn on the 'Automatically add reviews from partnered journals" setting found on the permissions page of your private dashboard. Then whenever we find a review, we'll add it to your profile and let you know. 

Note that we can only match you to reviews submitted with emails that are verified against your Publons account.

4. Add reviews through the forms on the site.

You’ll find the pre-publication review forms here. You can use these forms to add unverified pre-publication reviews which will appear on your profile with the privacy settings you specify.

Note that you are unable to create journal entries on Publons. If you would like to add a review for a journal not in our database through the forms on the site, please contact us with the journal title, URL and ISSN and any other relevant information and we'll add it for you.

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