We monitor external data feeds (Crossref for example) for new publications and cross-reference that with our own records.

When a manuscript is published, the publisher will have a DOI minted by a DOI provider. These records are indexed online in a searchable way. Publons periodically searched these online indexes and looks for a matching manuscript title (this is called a reverse DOI look up). When we find a match, we know that a manuscript has been published and we record the DOI. We then match this DOI to the relevant review on the Publons website. 

Once Publons has the DOI, we can use it to do things like:

- publish reviews (for those journals that elect to have an open review policy); and

- update the reviewer about the publication of the manuscript by sending them a post publication reviewer engagement email. Publishers  - please see more information about what this is here.

Because the titles of manuscripts can change during the publication process, we sometimes miss that a manuscript has been published. We are considering accepting data feeds directly from publishers to catch even more publication events.