Publons periodically (and securely) checks for past review records with participating journals and publishers.  When we can match an unclaimed review as belonging to one of our users, we can automatically add that review to that user's profile.

It is completely optional for users to have historical reviews automatically added to their profile.  If you want to have your profile updated with any missing reviews we find, simply:
  1. Head to your dashboard, either by clicking on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner and selecting ‘Dashboard’ or by clicking on 'Home' next to the search bar.

  2. On the Review Settings’ page, check the box labeled ‘Automatically add reviews from partnered journals’, and save.

  3. On the Email Settings’ pageadd and verify any email addresses you used for past peer review work, and save.

Note: Don’t worry if your profile doesn’t update immediately. We check for missing reviews periodically, so if we find one of yours, it may appear after a few weeks time. We typically look back five years, but where possible, will search as far back records are available.