There are three main ways to easily add your past reviews to Publons, through "past review uploads" by partnered journals, directly sending past reviews from ScholarOne sites of partnered journals, and via

Past review uploads

"Past review uploads" is what we call it when a partnered journal sends us a large batch of review information in one go.  Where the submitting reviewer's email address matches a verified email address in our database we will invite that user to add the review to their profile.  If that user has selected "Automatically add reviews for partnered journals" we will add those reviews automatically without any confirmation from the user being required.

Selecting "Automatically add reviews from partnered journals" in your permissions settings and adding and verifying all the email addresses you have previously used to submit reviews to journals is the best thing to do to make sure you're ready to take advantage of "past review uploads".

NOTEDon’t worry if your profile doesn’t update immediately. We check for missing reviews periodically, so if we find one of yours, it may appear after a few weeks time. We typically look back five years, but where possible, will search as far back records are available.

Sending from ScholarOne sites

Some partnered journals who use ScholarOne as their review submission system offer the means to send historical reviews directly from those sites to your Publons account. You can see a list of Publons' journal partners here: Follow the steps below to export your reviews for one of those journals.

  • Log in to the ScholarOne instance for the partnered journal
  • Navigate to the "Review (REV)" tab on the top menu.
  • Navigate to the "6 Receive Recognition on Publon" option on the left side menu
  • Select the reviews you would like to export
  • Click "Receive Recognition" at the bottom

Once you've done the above, if the email address you use to log in to the ScholarOne site is verified on your Publons profile, those reviews will be added automatically.  If you haven't verified that address we will send you a link to do so and after you've verified it the reviews will be added.

You can send receipts for your past reviews to and these reviews will be added to your account.