Reviews are added to Publons in three ways, depending on whether or not the reviewer’s journal is an official partner of Publons:

1. Officially partnered journals add the review records of participating reviewers automatically. 

(When someone reviews for a partnered journal, they will be asked if they would like to track and verify the review on Publons (either in the
peer-review submission system - like ScholarOne - or via email). If the reviewer agrees, they will receive a link to add the review to their Publons profile, after the review has been accepted by the journal. Reviewers simply click on the link and these reviews will instantly be added to their profile with the journal’s default privacy settings).

Reviewers can also:

2. Forward the “Thank you for reviewing” emails to 

Publons verifies the emails, creates an audit trail, and adds the review record to the reviewer’s profile.

3. Add reviews via the reviewer dashboard. 

 - Add reviews manually here via the reviewer dashboard - these can be verified by the editor who received the review. 

 - Adding reviews automatically (including historical reviews): 

You can automatically add reviews from partnered journals! This includes all reviews you do for partnered journals moving forward. In some cases, Publons works with partners to look back at their review records for up to five years, so your past (or historical) reviews can be added too. 

 All you need to do is indicate that you want these reviews automatically added to your profile by checking the box in your profile settings (follow this link or instructions below):

● Sign in to Publons

● Head to your dashboard either by clicking on your profile picture in the top right, or via the Home button:

● Head to your review settings and check the box labelled ‘Automatically add reviews from partnered journals

● In your email settings, add and verify any email addresses you used for past peer review work.