Editors do not need to change their editorial workflow to benefit from Publons. Our pilots show that providing recognition to reviewers increases review invitation acceptance rates and decreases review turnaround time, making editors’ lives easier.

Editors are also welcome to sign up at any time to use Publons to improve the efficiency of their editorial activities, even if their journal has not yet partnered with Publons. With Publons, editors can record the details of papers edited for any journal -- in one place. Likewise, they can keep track of all reviewers they've worked with -- independent of the journals they reviewed for.

Editorial tasks that Publons can help with include:

- Finding new reviewers. Editors can browse over 130,000 reviewer profiles, organised by user selected research fields.
- Assessing suitability of unfamiliar reviewers. Look up a particular reviewer to see their level of review experience, the other journals they tend to review for, any publications they have added to Publons, and stats about their reviewing characteristics.
- Screen reviewer email addresses against fraud. Use the Reviewer Screening tool to query the Publons database for an unfamiliar reviewer’s email address to see whether or not the email address has been used when publishing or peer reviewing before.

As it is for reviewers, participating in Publons is completely optional for editors.