Publons collects information about peer reviews and builds public reviewer profiles for participating reviewers. A Publons profile shows a researcher’s verified review history across all academic journals and selected funders, without revealing any sensitive information about the manuscript or grant application. With Publons you can also get credit for your work as handling editor as well, and  you can follow and score publicationsendorse reviews, and get a verified peer review record to include in job and grant applications. 

Image: Example reviewer profile.

Reviews performed for partnered journals or funders are added automatically.

Reviewers of academic journals can also add the information themselves - quickly and easily by forwarding the “Thank you for reviewing” emails to as proof. Publons verifies the emails and adds the review records to the reviewer’s profile. This feature is not currently available for grant peer reviews - recognition for these reviews can currently only be achieved through a partner funder integration. We encourage reviewers to use our ‘Request Recognition from a Funder’ button within their private dashboard. We will contact funders you worked with on your behalf to work with them on an integration.